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Tallyho in the squat

A raucous southern comedy about life, love, and rabbit smuggling

Bill Gulledge only had to become a rabbit smuggler to turn his life around. 

When Bill graduates with an English degree in the precarious 2009 economy, he returns to his South Carolina hometown where his estranged father, a wealthy redneck who owns a chain of hunting stores, gives him an ultimatum: find a job or work for him running illegal shipments of wild rabbits from a town in Kentucky to stock the family’s Beagle pen. 

When the job market forces Bill to choose rabbit smuggling, he teams up with his lively good ole boy cousin, Jimbo, who just lost his job as a beer truck driver due to a heart condition. The gig seems like an easy way to make cash and chase women in Kentucky bars, but an encounter with the rabbit supplier’s off-limits daughter, Rye Cotton, complicates Bill’s new journey. 

Their romance--forbidden by their fathers--and Jimbo’s propensity for finding trouble lead Bill, Jimbo, and Rye on a series of backwoods adventures: from late-night sasquatch hunting to wardrobe malfunctions at a local water park to a bar fight involving a donkey. 

Through their misadventures, his growing love for Rye, and Jimbo’s drunken yet oddly spot-on guidance, Bill finds that what he’s always wanted in life is much simpler than he thought—if he can get his stubborn father to agree.

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"It doesn't feel like a typical stab at Southern humor, but something from the inside. In a word, I'd call it genuine." 

-Online Book Club

"A solid and humorous tale... I would highly recommend this book to anyone wanting an afternoon of side-splitting down home humor and debauchery." -Glen Marcus, Magnolia Blossom Review